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Located within the moors above Kilmacolm, Lawfield Trout Fishery is one of Scotland's premier fly fishing venues. We offer you stillwater fly fishing of the highest quality at our fishery, in a location second-to-none. We hope you find our Website informative and look forward to welcoming you to Lawfield Trout Fishery. If you can't find the information you are looking for here Contact Us and we'll be happy to help.






Report for August 2014

August has been a really good month at the fishery and the fishing has been consistent even though we have not had a lot of rain to freshen up the water
but am sure it wont be long. This month has seen some good (top of the watersport) and the top fly has been the shuttlecock cdc especially the yellow owl.

Other flies that are doing well have been shipmans buzzers,hoppers,beetles,
olives,sussie buzzers and various wets. Best colours have been olive,black and hares ear. Lure wise Damsels,minkies,y/dancer and blobs.

The blues that were stocked through May and June are now being caught again as the water has started to cool down and a few bigger fish have been making an appearance.

Now we are into September and the daddies and sedges are coming into play, i had a go at the fishery myself the other day, the first chance for a while as i have been busy at the fishery,I put on a fly tied by one of Lawfields regulars( Big Remo)
a fly he calls the greatest sedge ever (he says that about all his flies) and sure enough I got two bows both over three pounds the first was a classic sedge chase with the big bow wave the second drowned the sedge and came back for it seconds
later not an easy thing to do as your first instinct is to strike but try not to and the rewards
can be good.

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